About M76 Analytics

The founder is an IITB alumnus specializing in Supply-Chain Management, Predictive Analytics, Transportation and Electoral Analytics. Currently the Psychological consultant to Times Now as an election analyst and recognized for analytical expertise in Election analysis

  • Strategy toolkits - Continuous, Actionable, Data-driven, Scenario-based Business modelling
  • Templatized Strategy - Solutions that help you build Strategy that can be re-prescribed to changing scenarios
  • Use the Decision Options to take advantage of Future Opportunities and mitigate future risks by completely understanding the implications of each option.
  • Have the ability to Simulate, Re-predict and Re-prescribe these decision options.
About Jai Mrug

Brings over 20 years of experience, Jai Mrug is the CEO of M76 Analytics. Prior to incubating, M76 Analytics, his Analytics Platform, at IIT Bombay, Jai worked with Capgemini US (then IGATE), where he led the Pre Sales as well as delivery for Supply Chain and Retail Analytic Solutions.

His two-decade professional journey includes roles in Manufacturing Management, Television Programming and Supply Chain Implementations. Specifically, he has expertise in working numerical solutions to business problems, streamlining Supply Chains, development of KPI’s and Early Warning Signals that correlate to business actionable, thus making an analytic solution directly business relevant.

Mrug has led Implementations of Supply Chain Management Solutions in the United States, especially in the area of Outsourced Manufacturing and Toll Manufacturing.

he has worked extensively on the application of predictive techniques to a variety of Business Forecasting Scenarios. He has created models that anticipate business margins for a large Asset Management Company in India. For India’s largest non-life Insurer, he has developed propensity models to enhance revenue from the existing customer base. For a state government in India, he has developed models to analyze the effectiveness of their public welfare schemes.

Immediately before incubating his company, Mrug was the Global Pre Sales Head at Aegis IT, the IT arm of the Essar Group. He was responsible for setting up the practice from scratch and transforming an inward-looking IT function to a market facing and competitive one.

Mrug is the consultant to Times Now, India’s leading English News Channel, for all number crunching related to elections, right from the channel's inception in 2006. He has conceptualized and developed some of the most innovative analytic properties that crunch live election results to draw immediate insights.

He also developed some of the early transport optimization algorithms for Indian Railways in his projects at IIT Bombay. A key algorithm, that is now commonly used by the Indian Railways for rake linking was worked on jointly by IIM Ahmedabad and the Operations Research practice at IIT Bombay. It constituted his major thesis during his graduation at IITB.

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