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Awards Categories - CPSEs /State PSUs

The awards in this category would start with the filing of nominations by the PSUs. However, the Governance Now Research Team will also use its own research to get further information to verify and evaluate the nominations. The shortlisted applications will be presented to the jury for the final evaluation.

(I) Categories for Nominations

Category N1: CSR

Sub Category N1.1: Environment & Sustainability
Sub Category N1.2: CSR Commitment (Overall)
Sub Category N1.3: CSR Leader of the Year

Category N2 : Nation Building

Category N3: HR
Sub Category N3.1: Reskilling of Employees (Training & Development)
Sub Category N3.2: HR Excellence (Overall)
Sub Category N3.3: HR Leader of the Year

Category N4: Corporate Communication
Sub Category N4.1: Communication Outreach
Sub Category N4.2: Communication Leader of the Year

Category N5: Research & Innovation

Category N6: Innovation in Refining Technology
Acknowledging advancements in refining processes, technology, or engineering that demonstrate innovation and contribute to industry progress.

Category N7: Digital Procurement Excellence
Recognizing organizations that have leveraged digital technologies, such as AI, blockchain, or automation, to revolutionize their procurement processes. implementation and utilization of cutting-edge procurement technologies, such as e-procurement systems or data analytics tools.

Category N8: Innovation in Mining
Acknowledging companies that have developed or adopted innovative technologies to enhance mining operations, including automation, robotics, and data analytics.

Category N9: Exploration and Extraction Innovation
Honoring advancements in exploration and extraction techniques that have improved resource recovery and efficiency.

Category N10: Investment in Start-ups

Category N11: Increase in the Geo-strategic Reach

Category N12: Operation Excellence
Sub Category N12.1: Innovation in Operational Excellence
Sub Category N12.2: Operations Leader of the Year

Category N13: Financial Excellence
Sub Category N13.1: Financial Excellence
Sub Category N13.2: Finance Leader of the Year

The winners will be decided based on the decision of the high-powered Jury, which would meet to evaluate the score and adjudicate the winner in each of the awards categories. This would be followed by an on-ground conference and Awards ceremony.

How to apply
1) Draft detailed description of the organisation’s work (max. 2000 words) in the category in which the organization is sending application highlighting that would merit receipt of the 10th PSU Awards. The note must refer to the importance of the work, its impact, and its projected influence.

2) Please share what sets you apart. Tangible examples of clear benefits are needed along with the financial cost and return.

3) Please send relevant supporting data specific to the category, annual reports (last two fiscal years), background info such as press cuttings, letters, reports, etc. online at

4) Entries to be submitted in the format/nomination form prescribed by us. Pls refer to the format for each category.

For any queries or clarifications regarding the Awards and nomination, please e-mail Sunil Kumar, Manager Research & Operations, Governance Now at +91 9560136992