Awards Process-CPSE

Awards Process

The Governance Now 7th PSU Awards follows dual-route of Analytics and Nomination.

Analytics Route: Financial performance of an organisation is critical for the overall evaluation of any company and Governance Now 7th PSU Awards lays equal thrust on the same. In this awards category evaluation, the Awards Research Agency M76 Analytics will be using the data of the eligible public sector enterprises from the respective Annual Reports, and open databases and DPE surveys and reports to arrive at the scores. The scores thus arrived at will be normalised by the Research Team and will be presented to the jury to help them understand how well a PSU is performing given the inherent characteristics of industry, market and time. All formulas used to derived results will be validated by the set of jury beforehand.

Following are the categories under the Analytics route
Category F1: Strategic Performance
Category F2: Employee Productivity
Category F3: Resilient Growth (Turnaround)
Category F4: Strategic Investments
Category F5: Stock Market Perception
Category F6: Research and Innovation
Category F7: Commitment to Sustainability
Category F8: Highest Dividend payer
Category F9: Best Performer (Financial)

Nomination Route: The awards in this category would start with the filing of nominations by the PSUs. However, the Governance Now Research Team will also use its own research to get further information to verify and evaluate the nominations. The shortlisted applications will be presented to the jury for the final evaluation

Categories open for Nominations
Category N1: CSR commitment
Category N2: HR Excellence
Category N3: Digital PSU
Category N4: Communication Outreach
Category N5: Reskilling of employees (training & development)
Category N6: Investment in Start-ups
Category N7: Increasing the Geo-strategic Reach
Category N8: Environment & Sustainability

There may also, be a Jury Award & Value Growth for the PSU that stands out. It could be a disruptor, an experimental trial, an honourable failure, or something that little bit different or turn around that is significant.

  • Value Growth
  • Jury Choice
The winners will be decided based on the decision of the high-powered Jury, which would meet to evaluate the score presented by the M76 Analytics and adjudicate the winner in each of the awards categories. This would be followed by an on-ground conference and Awards event.