Governance Now BFSI Supplement on Rebooting BFSI with reforms and innovations

Governance Now is a fortnightly magazine on national affairs, public policy and governance, is coming up with a special supplement “Rebooting BFSI with reforms and innovations” in October 2018. The supplement captures suggestions and solutions that are needed to deal with confusion and crisis in the banking and financial sector.

The supplement will have solution insights from leading economists, regulators, bankers, regulators, tech experts on challenges that are toppling BFSI. It will also cover the emerging trends and technology in the BFSI.
  • Articles, interviews and write-ups from regulators,economist,bankers,financial institutions, and tech experts
  • Detailed deliberations of the 3rd India Banking Reforms Conclave, 2018

Banking Reforms
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • NPA
  • Corporate Governance in BFSI
  • Metrics for assessing creditor risk in banks
  • Future of digital currencies
  • Regulation on new technologies
Financial Inclusion
  • FI in India: Demand side approach
  • Financial Services: Expanding financial access and inclusion
  • Revenue growth for banks through innovative inclusion
  • New business opportunities for banks and fintechs
  • Growing impact of fintech on financial services
  • Financial inclusion in the digital economy
  • Digital payments and financial services (loans and financial services)
  • Using SHGs/JLGs/ FPOs/ Farmer associations to improve agri/rural banking
  • Can tech help in reducing NPAs for banks?
  • Big Data analytics and blockchain technology for assessing risk management in banks
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Banks and Impact on Bank Jobs
  • Financial Inclusion using technology platforms and viability of payment banks
  • Banking Technology – Block Chain, AI, RPA,
  • Cyber fraud prevention and Cyber Security
  • Applications/use cases of BC, AI, IoT for the public good
  • Financial model framework for BC or IOT for BFSI
  • Future and prediction of open source
Key participants
  • Indian banks, International banks, NBFI, fintech, regulators, academicians, economist, tech experts, FI experts, SHGs, foundations and NGOs

Governance Now BFSI Supplement