Sudhir Gandotra

CEO, OpenIx

Open source is an alternative arrangement for the people who do not want to use regular closed sources. The government today is tied up with one developer or an operating system. Why is there a compulsion? I think there is corruption of thought because we are not letting open arrangement work for us. Open source actually takes you away from this corruption. It takes you to a purity of thought and that thought can be of a giver or a receiver. The open source makes you a giver. With open source in place, the very source of corruption will be finished. It will bring in transparency and that is why some vested interests do not let it happen.
I think the concern of unavailability of support for open source is just a psychological issue. While working on open source if an individual faces a problem, he just needs to search for the answer through a search engine on internet. In majority of cases he will be able to get the right answer. One may spend five minutes or five hours, but one will definitely get the answers. However, the proprietary software lacks even the intent to answer to the problems. 
The real problem is that as individual we follow brand names. We are driven by reports in the media. We feel psychologically secure when a brand is involved forgetting that behind that brand most probably there is a crime. And that crime could be giving me a product which is actually bad for me. We don’t want to judge it. So it’s a psychological problem where interests are involved.
I don’t believe in the argument that open source is weak. Open source is like Ramayana which can be reprinted by different printers.
Secondly, I think various government institutions should build an environment where the students come up with a product based on open source. These students will not have to look for jobs at supportive companies. They will develop as entrepreneurs with a little investment. Thus large amount of employment will be generated.

Open Source software should be free; subscription model dilutes the basic idea


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