Sudhir Aggarwal

Senior Director, government business development, Oracle India

Today government is putting an immense amount of focus and investments in making e-governance initiatives successful. We believe government’s focus on open standards is a step in the right direction and it should further enhance its focus by coming up with a concrete strategy around open standard solutions.
There are two primary reasons why government should continue to focus on open standard based solutions. First, e-governance projects are usually awarded to system integrator (SI) for a period spanning five to seven years, subject to re-tender post that period. However, if open standard based technologies are not deployed in creating the solutions, there could be a major challenge at the retendering stage discouraging other SIs to participate in the tendering process.
Secondly, solutions based on open standards enable integration and inter-operability within as well as across departments. Especially, in today’s context, when government is throwing open its applications to all stakeholders. Open standards based platform enable these applications to exchange data, interchange data or integrate date with other applications very smoothly.

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