Golok Kumar Simli

Golok Kumar Simli, Principal Consultant and Head –Technology, PMU, Passport Seva Project, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

“Govt should sit with industry partners and frame policy”

Golok Kumar Simli
Principal consultant and head – technology, Passport Seva Project, ministry of external affairs, government of India

We already have invested in infrastructure. I am sure not if even 10 percent of it is utilised currently. We should be utilising the existing infrastructure first. What I am trying to say is that on the same application some part can be used for my day-to-day work and the rest as cloud to provide applications to others. That is not difficult.

Security is one issue which comes to forefront whenever we talk of a cloud-ready application. But then, in the US, all defence-related applications are running on cloud. We should have such a thing in India too. Similarly, the Interpol developed an application called I24/7 and 85 countries are using this service.

The second issue is that of policy. If there is a policy to be framed around cloud computing, the government has to do that. When it comes to the solution and technology part (like why one should move to the cloud), the private sector has the answers. Therefore, the government needs to sit with private partners and service providers because they understand what policy is needed to drive this technology. Merely formulating a policy on paper does not work.

There has to be a clear-cut policy, a state-followed policy, state-followed rules and regulations when it comes to cloud. Once you have rules and regulations in place, the benefits will be manifold. I am sure of that.

The government has to work in a certain direction, sit with industry partners, work and come up with a strategy. There should be a part there for each stakeholder.

If you ask me to go and put some data at a centre, I will put it only when I know the strategy, the rules, the penalty, the process to penalise the vendor and taking the charge back. Once this is in place, cloud technology will set in.


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