Capt. P Raghu Raman

CEO, National Intelligence Grid

NatGrid is like a library catalogue: books will remain in respective libraries, but we can tell you where to find them. We are not going to collect data

Plan for national security: Think of it like a national health plan. The government has its goals but the head of the family still has to take care of the child’s health.

In our country, the problem is information flow. When that flow is increasing, there will be accidents. It is important to that the speed of trust formation should be increasing but organisations are so focused on info security that the speed of trust building is blocked.

 Privacy is India is different. Our names reveal so much about our identity. But when the government is collecting the data, some people are extremely concerned about privacy.

Ideologically we have the best IT Act and so on, but the implementation moves on a different plane altogether, legging behind.


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