Alok Vijayant

Director, IDG, NTRO

Hackers are different. They are not techies. They think out of the box. To beat them, you have to think like them. Hackers aren’t interested in bringing down your firewall, their genius lies in devising ways to subvert it cloaked as the authorised and the acceptable. They challenge the old paradigm, the normal and the traditional. The hacker community is one of people who may not be very technology-enabled but have a sharp sense of perception.
n     Motives differ from hacker to hacker. While there is a profit motive for some (trading information), some look at creating ‘bots’ or storage systems where they park a lot of the data they have hacked into. Then there are others looking for proxies — both networks and computers — to hack into other systems.
n     Security solutions should be designed keeping the hacker in mind — the solution provider must think like a hacker because the hacker is busy reading the security solution designer’s mind.
n     Sometimes, security takes a backseat to the continuity of business, with a lot of the users not being entirely security conscious.


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