S Ramasamy

S Ramasamy, Executive Director (IS), Indian Oil Corporation

“The application must reach remotest areas”

S Ramasamy
Executive director (information systems), Indian Oil Corporation

Cloud is a new way of computing and involves lot of change management. We have many challenges. Whether we should go on private or public cloud or hybrid cloud? The question is how we leverage technology to get benefit for the business. 

Another important aspect is accessibility. It is not just about cities, we have to ensure that the application reaches the remotest areas like the northeastern states and the Andamans.

From the enterprise point of view, going for public cloud is a challenge. Our main application is ERP. There are about 10,000 such applications. Though everybody says these are cloud-ready, I can challenge that no technology can be used on that cloud. There are no servers available today as there are so many restrictions by the government of India that we can’t keep our data in the house of other agencies.

Being in the public sector we need to be transparent in our dealings. We need to follow rules and procedures. We have to ensure that there is no vendor lock-in. Today there are no standards with regards to cloud computing. If I give my data to someone and I am not happy with the services, what is the guarantee that I will get my data back intact? How easy will it be for me to migrate? These two issues are a major bottleneck for us.


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