Kamlakar Kaul

Kamlakar Kaul, Executive Director (IT), Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd.

“E-content will expand usage of cloud”

Kamlakar Kaul
Executive director (IT), TCIL

The problem with the PPP (public-private partnership) projects is that they are based on the projections of the service provider at the time of bidding. Either the projections are too optimistic or he starts losing money. If the projections are less, the project cost keeps increasing. So there has to be a way out, to go beyond pricing, especially when we do not know if the project would succeed. The CSC (common services centre) project is a good example. The bidders for CSCs made an aggressive bid and the result is mostly known. So there has to be a PPP model which has an element for price discovery. That could be one factor which would help in successfully implementing the project.

In e-governance, the time to deploy a particular application is a major issue. The cloud will help us reduce this time as the e-infrastructure already exists. The existing e-governance applications/implementation will need a change in the cloud environment.

States are implementing several projects and spending large sums of money. But time taken to start a project is a major issue. What happens is that you take a project, you will hold a pilot and sometimes it takes days to understand the pilot. That pushes the time frame. Cloud will help cut down both on money and time. 

One of the key applications of cloud computing will be in the area of education. Probably we are at the right time when we can get content for e-education on the ground. One area is the e-knowledge network as discussed earlier and the second is the initiatives by the HRD ministry and state education departments. Once e-content is available, usage of cloud will definitely increase.


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