Rajiv Ranjan Singh

Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Assistant Professor, Delhi University

“Cloud computing can be great help in education”

You get electricity at your home, for which you don’t need to worry from where it is coming. Only concern is that it should be available 24x7. In the same way, in computing, it doesn’t matter whether the service is delivered on wire, wireless, mobile or television, given the convergence of different technologies. 

With cloud computing, the information is going to be accessed from across the borders. How will you make sure that the laws [on information security] are being followed? That is a question which needs an answer. A lot of debate is going on whether the whole e-governance applications can be put on cloud computing. But the question is how to put the already existing three-tier e-governance applications to the cloud.

A key application of cloud is in the education sector. The HRD ministry wants to have a uniform syllabus for all universities across India. They are in the process of e-content delivery. This can be a very good pilot for the cloud. We can put our content on the cloud. Even if there are hindrances, there are textbooks and other modes to fall back on. It won’t affect the day-to-day working. As an academician, I feel that this whole university collaboration facilitated under the national knowledge network can be put on the cloud and it will be a very useful pilot project.


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