VK Mittal

Former senior scientist, NTRO

Man behind machine is equally important

In 1995, the trunk radio project was done for Delhi police. However, it finally saw the light of day in 2001. I was the principal architect of the project. The trunk radio project’s aim was to have a reliable system of communication among all public safety organisations – police, health, MCD, fire services and senior hierarchy in administration – in times of crisis. The aim was to cut down the response time. I am happy to learn that the project has finally been implemented.

While technology is important for securing cities, it has to be balanced in the context of individual privacy. For example, telecom networks are extremely vulnerable to interceptions. Only way to prevent it is increasing the level of encryption. There is no law which prevents access to call data records, even an SHO can ask service providers. It doesn’t require permission of home secretary. We have obtained records of senior officers also.
Enforcement of law has to be strengthened.

Even in terms of cyber security, the police force and agencies don’t have the wherewithal – the manpower, in quantity and quality – to deal with it.


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