Kalpana Viswanath

Women’s rights activist

Delhi police is not the only stakeholder

Reporting of crime against women has gone 400-500 percent up since the December 16 gangrape case. If we genuinely want to create safety, we need to look at it as a wider issue than [just] responding to violence. We need to recognise the environment that produces men who are willing to use violence of any form. Policing plays a very central role in responding to the violence after it has taken place. There are areas where police and the legal system have not done their work. So we need to address both very strongly.

However, Delhi police is not the only stakeholder. Urban planning, reliable and safe public transport are other areas which need rejig. Another key issue is change in the mindset. We need to focus on schools, and work with young men. We also need to look at behaviour change. For example, if I go to the police station, the behaviour I expect from the police is that he does his duty and does not judge me. Similarly all other officials, general public, school principals – everyone should do their duty.


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