Ajay Chagti

Additional secretary, department of information technology, government of Delhi

Prepare backend  for actual action

Innovation is very essential as everything cannot be dealt with by law alone. In cases like gangrape, if we had an application, where you can inform others about your problem by pressing a button on mobile, like the ones made by Mahindra and Wipro; with such technology, police can be alerted quickly and response time can be reduced.

At the national level, crime is tackled through a mission mode project, the crime and criminal tracking network system (CCTNS). This will also allow sharing of the database of criminals from other states.

In Delhi, the government has installed the TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) communication system. Close to 2,000 wireless TETRA sets are being used by a number of agencies like health, fire service and home guards. So in a disaster-like situation, they will be able to give a coordinated response. C4I is another project, of Delhi police, in which the message will directly go to the beat constables around that area to cordon off in a short period of time.

The challenge, however, is not technology or its application but the backend development so that actual action can also be taken.


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