Himanshu Mehta

Regional sales head, public sector, Mastek

Social welfare a neglected segment?
Developing applications and infrastructure doesn’t help if citizens are not aware of it. In my view, we should do a pilot in an area, assess it, and accordingly scale it across the state. This is unlike the big-bang approach where you implement a project simultaneously at all places. You have to do it with a phase-wise approach. Do it for a year, understand the issues and rectify them. Do an impact analysis if you will get desired results. Based on the findings, you can scale it up further. We should take a view of next 5 to 10 years. There are delays. All the government and private parties can work together to minimise that. 
Social welfare sector is one of the most neglected segments. In states, people consider themselves punished when posted in the social welfare segment. Development of villages will lead to development of the country as a whole. My recent experience of getting an address changed was not encouraging. I tried to get it for three days and the fourth day I gave the work to someone else who would get it done quickly.


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