Rama Hariharan

Technical director, NIC

Need for linking policy with citizen’s perspective

Broadly, there are two functions of a panchayat: one is the usual government-to-government business and the other is service delivery. The project, e-Panchayat, aims to strengthen panchayats. Panchayats are a nascent organisation. They don’t have much capacity in terms of human resource to handle computers and even day-to-day work. Through e-Panchayat, they will become more transparent and accountable.

Another important aspect is service delivery. For the first time, we have created a panchayat enterprise framework. We also need a project like national optical fibre network, which could ensure broadband connectivity in  remote corner of the country.

In service delivery, the ministry of panchayati raj had conducted a study which found that in the existing scenario, programmes and schemes like MNREGS are formulated from the government’s perspective. The governments want to monitor the funds and work. But the citizen focus is simply not there. There is no focus on citizen. Applying online is so confusing it is as good as going to the department office.

Hence, there is a need to link the policy which is formulated by the government with citizens’ perspective. Presently, there is a mismatch. I went to three sites to apply for renewal of my driving licence, but none proved helpful. Then I went to the transport office and there I was given a form which was different from all three forms available on the websites.



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