Sandeep Ahlawat

Head, state e-mission team, department of information technology, Delhi govt

Ensuring entitlements with help of IT

Information and communication technology (ICT) has an enormous role in implementing welfare schemes. It helps deliver benefits, through various social security schemes, to the poor. In the existing manual service delivery, people are not able to get their legitimate rights. IT is playing a major role in the identification of beneficiaries and also establish a sustainable mechanism. Through designing information systems, we can maintain digital database and can even fix legitimate rights of every individual.

To make the delivery system more people-centric and coherent, we can also establish an integrated mechanism where all schemes can be opened to people. It is an extremely challenging task. The administrative challenge, the most difficult of all, can be overcome with the use of IT. Mission Convergence Programme (MCP) of the Delhi government is one such example where the government has integrated 40 social welfare schemes of 12 departments. Now, citizens no more run from pillar to post to access their entitlements.

The Delhi government has opened around 120 district resource centres across the city to implement MCP. We are developing a state data hub for storing all information. At present, 46 lakh individuals are benefited through this.

We are following the convergence approach in the electronic service level agreement (eSLA) project where 96 schemes across multiple departments are being monitored continuously. Under eSLA, we are capturing in-time and out-time of an application (from citizen). If the difference between the two is higher, it means there is delay. Subsequently, a penalty is imposed on the designated official. With these initiatives, we are moving towards a citizen-centric system. We have learned quite a lot from the Bhagidari initiative, promoting multistakeholder collaboration in governance. 



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