Amit Sharma

Manager, Infrastructure, Spanco

Quality-based bid evaluation for e-infra

The tendering process as followed by various departments should be more rigid. Lowest cost does not always mean the best quality. If you are paying a lower price for digital equipment, you will not get that kind of quality or security. We should be clear about the kind of quality we want. The bidding for such crucial infrastructure should not be limited to the least cost (L1) criterion.   

During tender evaluation of e-infrastructure projects like SDCs, marks should be given on quality. There have to be regular audits of the infrastructure to check any security breach. The data centres have to facilitate G2C services. In the states of Maharashtra and Punjab, the key concern of people is the time when G2C services will be operational. Enablement of these services is a greater challenge especially when in some states even the basic services are not available.


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