Ashish Gangrade

Manager, Deloitte

Consolidate mini data centres in SDCs

Security is of utmost importance when we discuss data centres. Looking at the current status, I think the security, confidentiality and integrity have been adequately addressed in the SDCs not only on the physical side but also on the IT infrastructure as well as manpower. Different departments should be sensitised into hosting their applications in the data centres

 The Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) has outsourced its data centre to a private agency and is a classic example of gaps which might exist in terms of procedure, policy and sustenance of data centre. It is time for us to start consolidating mini data centres into SDCs.

A lot of problems are faced by state governments as the guidelines by DeitY say that the state departments need to use SDCs. As only 17 states have their data centres operational, the remaining states are still under the process of implementing data centres. In these states, different options can be exercised like giving flexibility to the department to host its application into some private data centre or host it in a small facility in its own department and later move onto that. Migrating the facility to SDC, however, should be mandatory.


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