Ravindra Maurya

Chief Technology Strategist, Red Hat

Time to increase utilisation of SDCs

SDCs will bridge the digital divide and help in integration of silos. Different departments work in isolation and SDC is an opportunity to make them merge. With SDCs, things will be very fast and the citizen will be the ultimate beneficiary.

We do not have the policy-level bodies to attend to equipment level security. For example, the British have a department called GCHQ whose basic job is to work with equipment providers. In India we have Cert-In but it does not have the level of depth required. There needs to be a greater transparency when policies are worked out.

Power is another concern and the recent blackouts across country confirm that. Every new SDC spells out what is the cost of per KVA of electricity. Every KVA counts because when you don’t have power, truck loads of diesels are used to power SDCs.

The technology behind virtualisation and clouds is common. The concern is about utilisation versus cross-utilisation. If one PSU department is idle and another loaded with work, one can transfer some work to the idle department. When it comes to policy, we want to emphasise on open clouds. Many a time cloud implementation does not happen because they are not compatible with each other. Having said that, a lot of money has been spent on SDCs and therefore their utilisation has to be increased.


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