Amit Premi

Data Centre Consultant

Connectivity: the issue in usage of SDCs

Connectivity was and still is the biggest issue. As per the NeGP update provided by DeitY, 90 percent of SWANs are already in place. But the ground reality is far from that. For example, Rajasthan SWAN was built four to five times. Every time it was scrapped, it was because of some political reason. A lot of money was wasted. Data centre is possible when connectivity is established. Unless you have connectivity, it has no meaning. It is the knowledge hub. It is the brain.

We have 17 state data centres in place and bids are on for construction of more. We have only been able to fructify G2G to date and the SDCs could not essentially grow. These G2G services have evolved mainly because of secretariat LANs. 

Looking at the geo-demography of India and our past experience, I feel that the composite team which is now being envisaged by DeitY should focus more on bringing disparate business processes towards a convergence and then utilise the infrastructure which is already there. Central nodal agencies should build up teams to sensitise people that it is the process which needs to be understood and changed rather than the technology which is deployed.


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