Rohit Mannan

Principal Consultant, PwC

Government departments are not coming on SDCs

Government departments are not much willing to come to SDCs and are also not aware of the policies in this regard. There are problems that we have to overcome. I can foresee that with cloud computing coming into data centres, there will be better service delivery in future. This will ensure that well-defined services and management standards will be in place. When people will have the enhanced experience of cloud computing, it will definitely bring plus points to the government (as they could deliver services from one place).

If government wants to enforce services through data centres, there needs to be well-defined criteria on kind of services the state is going to deliver and the kind of SLAs that need to be enforced. These issues are still unaddressed and we as organisation are working with DeitY on addressing these issues and developing infrastructures which have no lacunae.

Infrastructure thus created will be well developed and fully utilised. We need to converge and consolidate ideas and services. We need to deliver more services through the delivery gateway.



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