DVL Narayana Rao

Additional Director, DeitY

We’re giving all help to state governments

Data centres are being leveraged wherever needed, though network connectivity is still a problem. When it comes to G2G services, horizontal connection becomes the bottleneck. The SDCs will  be good at meeting citizens’ requirements as there is very good connectivity inside. The applications will also reside on the SDC. Whatever infrastructure we are creating, it is supposed to be duplicated in other states and the state has to come on the network. The SDCs will become part of a cloud when they have met the requirements. We are establishing composite teams for SDCs which will look after all requirements including the kind of SLAs. NIC will deploy four to five professionals from its side, and we (the central government) are supporting the states through a financial assistance of `80 lakh to `1 crore per annum.

We are extending all the help we can to the state governments. We are giving them all the possible documents for handling data centres, understanding policies and implementing the same.

Criticality of the application has to be classified by the state and its departments and based on the same, a data security process is created. Whatever data is going to be stored in the data centre is going to be replicated by the data recovery centre (DRC). The mission critical applications will be given the DR locations.


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