Brigadier (retd) Arun Sahgal

Additional Director, Institute of National Security Studies

“Need database for crime and criminals”

By and large India has managed to secure its sovereignty. But still it is facing many challenges like terror attacks, cybercrime, extremism, radical elements (like in the North-East) etc. This is because we have weak controls and poorly governed borders. There is nobody who is centrally in-charge of law and order. Law and order is essentially a state subject and states are not ready to move beyond policing.

A way to deal with such problem is creation of a database which can be centrally used and shared with various security agencies. The first thing we can do is to start filing FIRs electronically and create a central database of crime and criminals. Such a database will help in identifying the right suspect.
Today, we have systems and equipment around us but now we need to make this system work. We cannot use a technology on standalone mode. The system will become obsolete.

It is important to protect, exploit and use the information that we have. The 26/11 terror attack was a typical failure of information system but nobody paid any attention to it. We had the information but there was no one man responsible to ensure that the data is fully exploited and used. We need to culturally change our mindset and become more tech-savvy.


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