Anup Pande

IPv6 evangelist

We need to build a specialised skill set to roll out and manage IPv6

We are sitting on a very important and critical event on the internet. The first important thing was migrating to the internet. This is the second major event happening on the internet where the entire internet is transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6.

It was only way the internet could have expanded, grown, moved on to its next life. It required the applications, devices, subscribers and critical features that are not supported on IPv4. This is where the IPv6 is seen as a protocol which will take the internet to its next level.

From an IPv6 adoption perspective, Asia Pacific is a region that has exhausted its pool of addresses. If you look at India as a country, it is set to grow in terms of internet usage. If you look at India’s internet usage, it is ranking among the top three internet content usage providers. But the IP address allocation in India is only .018 percent of the total addresses provided.

It is important from the country’s growth perspective that India adopts IPv6. This is where the government push and initiatives are very encouraging. This is the first time that the government is playing a proactive role.

With the right steps, I think we have to move in the right direction and make this happen. For the users, IPv6 will just be a ‘plug and play’ technology. IPv6 does not require the package to be fragmented on the internet. IPv6 has inherent security built into it.

It will impact the experience of the user on the internet. The very fact that the user will find IPv6 service better, will trigger the user to shift from IPv4 to IPv6. It is the experience that will help the user decide that IPv6 is a better technology.

We need to build a specialised skill set which is ready to roll out and manage IPv6. Getting the entire ecosystem around network and applications and the value chain, which is government-service provider-user, towards the right direction is an important task.



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