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BSNL is ready to help anyone in migration to IPv6

When I talk about IPv6, it adds another dimension to our freedom. We can move around without limitation. We can move from one type of network to another type of network. We are always looking for freedom and convergence. Whenever we have new requirement, we lay a separate network. We must use a single converged network and a single protocol which can provide the right kind of connectivity and information. So IPv6 is the right platform which can provide quality, mobility, and what not. Everybody is now convinced and wants to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6.

However, awareness and training are the two major challenges in the implementation of IPv6. We must have platform to make people aware and also training schedules for them. We cannot predict what IPv6 can provide at this moment. Right now we must focus more on awareness and training. Once people become aware of IPv6, they will tell the manufacturers and application providers what they exactly want. Some people have IPv6 compliant systems but are not aware. ISPs also need to be made aware to adapt to IPv6.

The government has a very good plan to migrate. It will be a slow migration because we cannot just throw away our equipment. The government has initiated a working group which is very important for spreading awareness. In this group, BSNL has taken the lead along with CISCO, Tech Mahindra, HCL etc. BSNL also has plans to set up labs around 18 places in India for testing IPv6 compliance and basic training. We feel we will be able to iron out issues in the next six months. We were calling IPv6 the future of internet, but I will say it is the backbone of internet. BSNL is ready to help anybody with migration.


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