Rajesh Chharia

President, Internet Service Providers Association of India

Adoption of IPv6 by customer-centric websites will accelerate the process

The target of 600 million broadband connections by 2020 could be achieved through IPv6. To date, we were running through netting (to split IP address), which is not an acceptable technology, but somehow we were managing. In adopting netting, we have lost most of the IPv4 addresses to the developed countries. Their usage is hardly 40% or less, while we are about to touch almost 100 percent usage.

Several countries are implementing IPv6 across the globe. Take, for example, Taiwan. In Taiwan, the government has created an IPv6 test exhibition where they are showing how IPv6 addresses are going to affect the daily life of human beings – their study, road traffic, climatic condition and a lot of things have been put on IPv6. A complete exhibition has been hosted for past three four years.

We have to implement the same thing in India because even the IT companies are very less aware about the utility of IPv6. Sixty percent of our software are compatible but not capable to handle IPv6. The new hardware are coming with IPv6 compatibility. But for the old hardware, we have to create a new patch onto our software so that IPv6 addresses are put as default.

My request to ISPs and the government would be to ask all the software companies, especially the providers of the operating systems, to come up with a patch.

The ISPs are ready. We are just waiting for the upstream and content in the cloud. The moment the airlines’ websites, railway websites and banks will come on IPv6 along with the payment gateways, you will see that the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 will be very fast.
We can mandate the hardware and software providers that any product coming to India should be compatible and working with IPv6.


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