MK Seth

Senior General Manager, BSNL

Demand will force industry to develop IPv6 compliant devices

We require IPv6 for the seamless dissemination of information which technology revolution has facilitated. As rightly been pointed out, the government is committed to providing 600 million broadband connections by 2020. All the equipment and the computing devices coming in the market have been mandated to be IPv6 compliant. This will lead to saving huge amount of money and time.

The efforts by the government — in engaging all the stakeholders, including the industry, by conducting regular deliberations and convincing states by sending officials to help them understand the IPv6 — have together provided a strong foundation for the growth of IPv6.

DoT has included in its procurement guidelines that the new product should be IPv6 compatible. Within BSNL, we held a webinar for educating the personnel on IPv6 and hope that within six months all officials above JTO level will have undergone training.

We are in touch with 45 centres across the country where we are providing training facility to our personnel on IPv6. We are offering it online to even people from the industry. 

In my opinion, IPv6 should be inducted in all the courses because this is the future. Each training centre should be made aware so that the penetration goes down to the last person. People should know that the product they are buying is going to work even five years later. The purchaser hence will force the industry to develop IPv6 compliant devices.


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