RM Agarwal

Deputy Director General,DoT

IPv6: It’s no longer how or why. It is about how fast

The government released a policy in July 2010 and it was decided that every government department and other important stakeholders will start using IPv6 by March 2012. The government-to-citizen services will be delivered in IPv6 only and an IPv6 task force will be created.After two years, it is no longer about how or why IPv6, but it is about how fast we can move to IPv6.

Most of our offices are IPv6 compliant and ready to work on it. Full operation will start only by December 2012. The delay is because most of the people in various government offices are from non-technical backgrounds. It takes a lot of training and understanding to adopt something new. But, the change is imminent and inevitable.

For awareness, we held workshops through BSNL in the form of direct contact sessions and webinars which were attended by chief secretaries, joint secretaries and ministers as well.

Our overall objective is to move all the core government services like railways, aviation, banks etc, to IPv6 so that the end user comes asking for it. Once the end user understands its significance and necessity, and finds real-time use of the applications, things will move fast.

The migration to IPv6 is not that difficult too. For example e-commerce website Flipkart took two engineers and two weeks only to migrate the whole content plus transactional services to IPv6. Flipkart is the first non-government organisation to move to IPv6 in India.

We also have plans to set up a national centre for innovation for IPv6, so that an ecosystem is created which will help the movement to IPv6 faster.
To address the training and awareness issues, we have proposed to start indigenous IPv6 certified courses too. 



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