KB Narayanan

Advisor, NIXI

End user should be aware that the devices he purchase are IPv6 compliant

NIXI as an organisation has been very enthusiastic in pursuing the implementation of IPv6 since 2007. That was the time of brainstorming and what came out of it was that the hardware, software and manpower need to be addressed for IPv6. Looking at the hardware and software perspective, not many types of equipment were ready in those days. Therefore, we carried out a survey of all the equipment.

NIXI was one of the first organisations to switch over to IPv6. All our routers and switches are IPv6 ready and whenever the service providers get ready, I am sure NIXI will be the first to do the transition.

Having realised the importance of manpower, we have been organising series of training programmes where we have involved department of telecom. We have trained more than 150 engineers so far.

But most of the organisations in India, unless they see a value addition and profit, will not join the transformation. When they are assured that the new system is going to reap benefits, they will migrate. We should communicate success stories across the enterprises so that they can believe that although the initial cost element is there, it is going to get them good business in the end.

We must clearly send the message across that IPv6 is imminent. The only thing that we have not been able to do is to make the content IPv6 compliant and we should work swiftly on that. We should drive the value proposition to all the stakeholders and look at the long-term perspective. The other thing which we need to do immediately is to make the end user aware and ensure that whatever devices he purchases are IPv6 compliant. Last, but not the least, we will have to continue with the training process.


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