Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava

Associate project director, Delhi Transco Limited

“An open protocol is needed”

Standardisation and interoperability are very important with regard to smart grids. The system has to be standardised so that it can operate in conjunction with other similar systems. For this purpose, an open protocol too is very important.

The government must form a body to validate the standardisation efforts. This body should be under control of the government and the enforcement of these standards/rules should be strict.

The ministry of power has created a Smart Grid Forum to discuss various issues related to the implementation of smart grid. As a nation, we are still in the process of evaluating the smart grid system. We are moving carefully and not jumping into anything which we would regret later.
We should be willing to adopt new technology but should not just follow anyone blindly. We need to evaluate our needs based on the situation. The consumers are smart and will not pay for any utility they consider useless. Therefore, we need to educate them about the importance of using smart grid.


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