Kavinder Singh Kohli

Principal consultant IT and Smart Grid, Feedback Infra

“Conducive environment is essential for implementing smart grid”

The power demand in the country is increasing every year. This increase in demand is coupled with issues like power loss and theft. To address these issues, it is very essential to have smart grid. But it will take long time to evolve it. Maybe another 15 years. It will require capacity building at both political and administrative levels. Conducive environment is another essential requirement for implementation of smart grid.

Many stakeholders do not even have a clear understanding of the term itself. At present, finding the right definition of smart grid in the Indian context is a huge challenge. Some experts define smart grid as the automated meter reading (AMR). But AMR is just one of the components of smart grid.
There is a need for evolving standards and regulations which define smart grid. At present, there are some standards, protocols and interoperability guidelines. But all these standards are from the US. There is a need to evolve a solution which is India-specific, cut according to our domestic needs and environment.

We all know that smart grid is the next step in technology but we are still not implementing it. Instead we keep discussing it. I believe this implementation will not start from the household consumer of electricity but from the commercial consumer. This implementation of smart grid will bring in the questions of cybersecurity which can be addressed only after multi-level authentication and security.


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