Ajay Kumar

Vice-president, BSES Rajdhani

“Defining smart grid is a challenge in itself”

When we talk about a grid, some form of smartness has always been existing in the system, like the use of relays. One of the challenges is to define what smart grid is. If you move across the country and ask people, nobody would be able to tell you what smart grid is. The smart grid is an initiative which has come up in last three-four years and has a background to it. And that background has nothing to do with the scenario in our country. We are just copying other countries which are using it. We will have to understand what is needed for the Indian environment. What is viable in Germany, for example, may not be good for India. So, we need to define what smart grid actually is and if it is what we need.

I believe this is the biggest challenge: to understand what we need, whether market will be conducive to it, and above all, whether people will be able to afford and accept it. Secondly, the regulator needs to ensure that the sector pays for itself, has a healthy growth trend, and its role is not to be that of a government. It needs to understand the pressing needs of the industry. The way ahead in adoption of smart grid has to be with a lot of caution. We need to ensure that the market should develop by itself and in this regard awareness of various stakeholders is also important.


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