Gautam Kapoor

Gautam Kapoor, Sr Manager, Deloitte

“Who leads the cloud is important”

Gautam Kapoor
Senior manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India

We have been talking about cloud computing for a long time. In the public sector, cloud computing has become a necessary evil. Given the enormous amount of loud noise in the entire consulting world and private sector entities for the adoption of cloud computing, it is important to focus on the risks associated with cloud and what are the best applications running on cloud.

In a global survey, 50 percent of the respondents said we want to adopt cloud. If it comes out to be true, you will see a significant amount of infrastructure moving on to cloud. Moreover, a lot of SMEs and medium enterprises want to leapfrog to cloud, because they don’t want to invest in expensive infrastructure. They want to straight away move on to infrastructure as a service, software as a service. I think the coming five years will be important for adoption of cloud services.

But the current efforts will lead to disjointed services as in China; every city has got its own cloud. So everything is fragmented there. 

Another example is the UK government’s the G-cloud store, a version of what they call a government store. This initiative was launched in 2010. One can go to the store and buy cloud-based services. There are about 155 vendors and 1,70,000 services which are available from pan-European vendors. Any government agency can go to the store and say this is my service, this is my cost and pick it and implement it.

From India’s standpoint, who is going to lead the cloud initially is important. Will it be department of information technology or some central ministries, state governments, the local government or some other agency? We all agree that there is a huge potential to deliver services on cloud. However, we need to focus on organisations which have taken the lead in delivering services on cloud.


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