Smart Infrastructure Conclave 2018

Transforming government IT infrastructures

Smart Infrastructure Conclave

As the government is going digital, modernizing its IT infrastructure is critical for streamlining government operations. Government leaders and IT decision-makers are being challenged to modernize their infrastructure to drive efficiency and cost effectiveness, and create new opportunities for innovation.

Government spend four times more maintaining outdated IT systems than they spend investing in new technologies, which is a significant hurdle for ministries to meet their mission objectives including improving public end-user services and maintaining the safety of the country.

With services going online, the concern over data storage and the transition has become one of the key challenges which needs attention while planning the architecture. Today, everything is being driven by data centres whether it is a traditional data centre or cloud-based.

A critical step to modernize the infrastructure is to ensure the right infrastructure is in place to optimize technologies which enable increasingly data-driven services and capabilities. Modernized storage infrastructure is critical to “front-line” operations of IT system - driving efficiency and effectiveness, reducing operational costs, mitigating cybersecurity threats and ultimately improving the delivery of services to the end-user.

On 6th December 2018, government experts, decision-makers, and technology experts will explore how a modernized storage network and infrastructure can improve overall effectiveness while providing a platform for innovation.

The conclave will answer following concerns of the government agencies:

  • How should government agencies store and protect the huge amount of data through this transition?
  • Which are the proven Data Centre technologies one can rely on?
  • What considerations should be kept in mind while refreshing the current DC infrastructure?
  • How will the new technologies adaptions like NVMe etc. affect investments?
  • How can applications access and share this data more effectively?
  • How do we retool the management of our resources while continuing to provide data-driven services and decision support systems?
  • How existing and emerging storage networking technologies and modern data centre techniques can improve the performance and reliability of an entire infrastructure
  • Ways to gain improved visibility into the Performance & Analytics of your networks, enabling proactive diagnostics and tuning of your infrastructure to optimize the latest storage technologies

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