Award Process - PSU IT Awards

Awards Process

Nominations opens for Central and State PSUs

Category P1: Use of Emerging Technologies
Sub Category P1.1: Analytics /Big Data
Sub Category P1.2: Storage
Sub Category P1.3: Cloud
Sub Category P1.4: Enterprise Applications (ERP/SCM/CRM)
Sub Category P1.5: Data Centers (Networking/Infrastructure Transformation, SDx)
Sub Category P1.6: IoT
Sub Category P1.7: Document Management
Sub Category P1.8: Artificial Intelligence
Sub Category P1.9: Enterprise Security
Sub Category P1.10: Blockchain

Category P2: Digital PSU
Category P3: Digital Security
Category P4: Digital Transformation Leader of the Year (CIO/CTO)
Category P5: Digital Security Leader of the Year Award (CISO)

How to apply
1. Draft detailed description of the organisation’s work (max. 2000 words) in the category in which the organization is sending application highlighting that would merit receipt of the 9th PSU Awards 2022. The note must refer to the importance of the work, its impact, and its projected influence.

2. Please share what sets you apart. Tangible examples of clear benefits are needed along with the financial cost and return.

3. Please send relevant supporting data specific to the category, annual reports (last two fiscals 2020-21; 2021-22), background info such as press cuttings, letters, reports, etc. online at

4. Entries to be submitted in the format/nomination form prescribed by us.Pls refer the format for each category.

For any queries or clarifications regarding the Awards and nomination, please e-mail Sunil Kumar, Manager Research & Operations, Governance Now at +91 9560136992