PSU Conference & Awards 2015
09:30 am – 10:30 am Registration
10:30 am – 11:30 am Inaugural Session
  • Opportunities within: The role of PSUs in India’s economic and social development
  • Unlocking PSE wealth: Disinvestment and listing of public sector enterprises, the challenges and opportunities
  • Building the PSU brand: Are Indian PSEs doing it right?
11:30 am – 11:50 am Networking Tea
11:50 am – 12:50 pm Plenary Session I
Make In India: How PSUs can make it happen?
(Policy Makers’ Conclave)
  • Regulatory framework and policy decision: Are we on the right track?
  • Autonomy in decision making: How independent are PSUs?
  • Innovation and R&D: Can we achieve more?
  • Marketing bottleneck: Do PSUs have sufficient budgets at par with those of their private sector counterparts?
  • The way forward: What needs to be done?
12:50 pm – 01:00 pm Q & A
01:00 pm – 01:45 pm Networking Lunch
01:45 pm – 02:45 pm Plenary Session II
Driving the ICT engine for PSU growth
(PSU CIOs Meet)

  • The changing ICT paradigm and its impact on PSUs
  • The PSU Cloud: Security & Privacy concerns
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • E-commerce, online and mobile marketing
  • ICT Procurement: How to buy right (and getting the board onboard)
02:45 pm – 02:55 pm Q & A
02:55 pm – 03:55 pm Plenary Session III
Driving PSU growth through better talent management
(PSU HR Meet)

  • The HR challenges: PSU Vs Private Sector?
  • Productivity and efficiency:
  • Hiring the right talent: How attractive are PSUs as employers?
  • Managing talent expectation: Performance measurement, capacity building, right compensation and strategies for retention
  • The HRM solution: Technology for managing HR better.
03:55 pm – 04:05 pm Q & A
04:05 pm – 05:30 pm Plenary Session II
The Global Indian PSU
(PSU CMDs Meet)

  • Global business perspectives for public sector enterprises in India
  • Tapping emerging markets and newer geographies: Getting entry strategy right
  • The global market concerns: Design, quality and price
  • Addressing global market challenges: legal, compliance and regional issues, local market competition, building brand, strategic communication
  • Merger and Acquisition route to new markets
05:30 pm – 05:40 pm Q & A
05:40 pm – 06:00 pm Networking Lunch
06:00 pm – 07:30 pm The PSU Awards 2015
07:30 pm onward Cocktail and Dinner






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