Neelabh Rai

Independent Researcher on Cybersecurity Aspects, Currently Associated With XCySS as Cyber Investigator and Forensic Specialist

In September 2011, I started a survey to know as to how many people report a cybercrime. It is important that the public must report cybercrimes to the police as they are the ones who will solve the crimes. As per the shocking results, only 18 percent of the surveyed people believed in police’s capability. Most of the people from Southern India (where major cybercrime police stations are operating) said they had no faith in the police.

Privacy was another important issue. People wanted to ensure that their data was not being shared with the potential troublemakers by the various websites which they visited. I will cite the case of Life Insurance Corporation’s (LIC) website being hacked. If the government could not secure itself, how would it be able to secure other’s confidential data? The Stuxnet worm could affect the public. In the case of a Stuxnet attack, country’s nuclear power ability can be affected as well.


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