Railways Reforms & Governance 2016

With the focus to become the prime mover of the economy in India, the Railway Budget 2015-16 have laid the foundation of a long-term reforms for the railways. The Budget has also identified major thrust areas to drive the growth – from resource mobilisation for higher Investments, 800 km of gauge conversion, passenger amenities, safety, transparency and system improvement and sustainability.

While last mile connectivity projects continue to be accorded the highest priority, the Railways intend to fast track the sanctioned works on 7,000 kms of double/third/fourth lines and commission 1,200 km in 2015-16 at an investment of Rs 8,686 crore.

With its focus on increasing the speed in nine railway corridors that will help reduce logistics lead time, the government has also indicated that the Railways is keen to support the industry. A lot of thrust has also been laid on modernisation of Railways, including the use of Information Technology and Communication technologies to deliver a sustained and measurable improvement in customer experience. The ministry also increased the use technology for making railways safer and working to expand its capacity substantially by creating better infrastructure.

It is important to note that even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted that the role of Railways is more than that of a transporter. The five-point vision rolled Rail Budget includes adopting a medium-term perspective, building partnerships and leveraging additional resources for revamping management practices, systems, services and setting standards for governance and transparency.

Key Themes

  • Re-defining the Role of Railways as the Hub of Economic Development
  • Issues Faced by The Industry: What The Railways Needs To Do?
  • Allocating and Managing Risks in Rail Contracts
  • Restructuring of Indian Railways
  • Railways Reforms and New Revenue Models
  • Strengthening and Modernizing Rail Infrastructure
  • Passenger Security Concerns and Solutions
  • Freight Security Concerns and Solutions
  • Make in India and Importance of Industrial Corridors
  • Driving Expansion: Funding Models and Role of PPP
  • Strengthening R&D in Railways
  • Use of IT & Communication Technologies (including Wi-Fi) for Better Customer Experience
  • Real Time Monitoring and Control of track Maintenance
  • Automatic Train Control System
  • Nextgen Payment System
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Applications of GIS in Railways
  • E-ticketing
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