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Second in the series of PSU IT forum 2017 is focused on new technological innovations and automation of the public sector enterprises for their business growth which is crucial for the economic growth of the country. After conducting the first edition of PSU IT Forum 2016, which discussed the best ICT practices of the public sector, Governance Now launched The PSU IT Casebook, which documented the best digital transformation practices of the public sector as a reference book. The second edition of PSU IT Forum will talk about the futuristic technologies that are going to make the public sector competitive in their business vertical and will help them look beyond their core business to further diversification.

In the era of Internet, digital connectivity and use of e-commerce and e-business models by private sector are pressurizing the public sector to rethink on their hierarchical, bureaucratic organizational models. Governments need to empower rather than serve, to shift from hierarchy to teamwork and participation, to be mission oriented and customer focused, and to focus on prevention rather than cure. Recently, the public sector has begun to recognize the potential opportunities offered by ICT and e-business models to fit with citizens’ demands, to offer better services to citizens and to increase efficiency by streamlining internal processes. ICT causes a “paradigm shift” introducing “the age of network intelligence”, reinventing businesses, governments and individuals. It will bring flexibility, network organization, vertical/horizontal integration, innovative entrepreneurship, speed up in service delivery, and a customer driven strategy towards procurement functions.

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