Open Source: Collaborating to create and prosper


REFLECT: The Technology RoundTable

The unanimous view in The Technology RoundTable on “Open Source: Collaborating to create and prosper” held last fortnight was that the government needs to open-heartedly welcome open source and adopt it for transparent and better services.
The participants agreed that the definition and meaning of open source is not clearly understood by the masses. They emphasised upon educating them about open source for a proper understanding of the subject.
OpenIx CEO, Sudhir Gandotra, highlighted that open source will bring more transparency to the system. He held the view that open source should be promoted among students as it will open doors of new career opportunities for them.
Sudhir Aggarwal, senior director, Oracle, said that rather than investing in proprietary software for e-governance, the government should invest in open source. He suggested that the government should come up with a strategy to create new assets through open source.
However, there were some voices of concern too regarding the use of open source. Senior research scientist at centre for development of advanced computing (CDAC), Noida, Dr Rajasree, said that using subscription-based model of open source may see a rise in the technical support issues and accountability which, according to her, redeems the idea behind it.
On the other hand, senior solutions architect at RedHat, Ravinder Maurya, batted for the subscription-based model of open source saying that it enhances the credibility and acceptance.

Government should invest in solutions based on open standards


  • Sudhir Gandotra
  • Sudhir Aggarwal
  • Ravinder Maurya
  • Rajasree S
  • BK Sahu

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