e-Security: Public sector challenges and solutions


Proactive, not reactive, approach to e-security is necessary, say experts

Privacy laws will not just check cybercrimes, they will also ensure country emerges as a destination for data export

The major takeaway from The Technology RoundTable on ‘e-Security: Challenges and Solutions for Public Sector’ held last fortnight was that the country needs a proactive approach to cybersecurity rather than a reactive approach.
Panellists while emphasising the need for cybersecurity institutions at the state level agreed that there must be a national structure wherein institutions need to be built which can address the concerns of cybersecurity. Rahul Sharma of Data Security Council of India said the government needs to build an inventory of IT assets so that it knows what all critical IT infrastructure needs to be protected. He also suggested building a laboratory to test all the ICT products to ensure that they are not embedded with spyware.
Charru Malhotra, associate professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration said the country needs more R&D to understand the e-security challenges and provide solutions for them. She said the government needs to concentrate on awareness and capacity-building to strengthen e-security. It must also ensure data security at all levels, including the ground level, where data is collected, she added. Pallav Gupta, head, government vertical, F5 Networks, said pirates are getting smarter by the day and a cyberattack can happen on any layer of security.
However, the last word came from Pravin Sinha, senior consultant, cyber and data security, national e-governance division, department of electronics and information technology, government of India. Emphasising the need for privacy laws to ensure accountability in case of breach of cybersecurity, Sinha said, “Privacy laws will ensure India emerges as a destination for data export.”

Privacy laws will ensure India emerges as a destination for data export


  • Neelabh Rai
  • Charru Malhotra
  • Vinod Senthil
  • Pallav Gupta
  • Santosh Kumar Mishra
  • Satyendra Tiwari
  • Satish Nair
  • Rahul Sharma
  • Alok Gupta
  • Pravin Sinha

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